home Serious Fun Studios fractal art images TM sharing serious fun...' ,kaleidoscope,design,images,art images,computere,colorful,mandala,kaleidoscope,design,images,art images,computers,gift,t-shirts,tee,colorful,mandala,kaleidoscope,design,images,art images,computer ~ 2013 fractal art calendar ~ New! 2013 calendar of the fractal art of Scott Bricker containing 12 beautiful fractal images; each one a mini-poster! These calendars have an ultra-high gloss cover. The inside pages are printed on premium heavyweight, soft luster stock. The images are incredibly high resolution with the color and image quality of a fine photograph; so much nicer than 'offset' printed commercial calendars...very nice! This calendar is available in three sizes: a compact 7"x11" for $21.85; a standard size of 11"x17" for $24.15; and a 'size huge' of 14 1/4"x22" for $29.95. Good discounts for purchasing more than one apply. Holidays are shown. These are a great idea as a very special and beautifully unique gift ! ~ All images in this calendar are available as prints/posters. ~ fractal,fractal art,fractal images,monote+card gifts fractal fractals fractal+art design computer computer+art t-shirts mugs cards gift skateboard skateboards poster posters print prints wall+art tote+bags mousepads magnets ties shoes sbricker scott+bricker digital+art greeting+cards serious+fun+studios seriousfunstudios.comusepads,unique,cool,cee,colorful,mandala

2013 calendar of fractal art by Scott Bricker

images in the 2013 fractal art images calendar

January image ~ 'When Mushrooms Dream'

February image ~ 'Light Flame Abstract 114'

March image ~ 'Wings of Involvement'

April image ~ 'Dreams of a Young Soul' 

May image ~ 'Light Flame Abstract 146'

June image ~ 'Inside the Singularity'

July image ~ 'Samurai'

August image ~ 'Ripples of Love'

'September image ~ 'Beyond the Limit'

October image ~ 'Light Flame Abstract 298'

 November image ~ 'Ring Thing'

December image ~ 'Thought Bubble'

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