home Serious Fun Studios fractal art images 'sharing serious fun...' ~ fractal posters & prints, page 2 ~ These images (by Scott Bricker) are all available as high quality posters and prints in several sizes from a porfolio size of 11"x14" to a very large 35"x43"+; many are available in a huge 52"x64"+! They are all rendered at very high resolution for crisp, highly detailed prints that reveal the intricate beauty of fractal nature. All posters & prints are individually custom printed per your order. A large selection of high quality custom matting and framing is also available. Buy a economical basic poster, or a completely custom matted and framed fully archival museum quality print... Click on the image or the title to go to a page with printing options (then click on the magnify button to see a full page view of the image, or use the 'hi-res' option to view details) ~ take note that the web images are lower resolution than the actual prints. Select from the print and framing options desired, then add it to your secure shopping cart to order your custom print! Your poster or print will be produced within 24 hours; custom matting and framing is ready in 5 - 7 days. All forms of payment and worldwide shipping is available; prices vary by size and paper options. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! I hope you find something you like... ~ many of these images are available as cards, T-shirts, 'fridge magnets, mugs, skateboard decks, mousepads, tote bags, and ties ~ all images (c) 2013 by Scott Bricker images currently available; more images to be added often...

'Budda Sun'

'ArcAngel's Charge'


'Radial 002'

'Light Flame Abstract 101'

'Bubble Flow'

'Pink Tip Swirl'

'The Fleet'

'(Inner) Space Station'

'Winged Helix'

'Incoming Signal'

'Weird Thing 004'

'Simple Abstract'

'Primordial Soup'

'Perspective on Complexity'

'Bird of Paradise Spiral'

'Weird Spiral Thing 005'

'Infinite Replication'


'Basket and Flowers'

'Schooling FlameFish'

'Metallic Weird Thing'

'Under the Sea'

'Golden Iris'


'Misty Surprise'

'Focus In'

'That Spring Thing'

'Weird Thing 002'

'From the Source'

'When A Soul Is Born...'


'Unity of Purpose'

'Pretty in Pastel'

'Egg of the Firebird'

'Emerging to Fly'

'A New Day'

'Seed's Aura'


'The Nursery'

'Is God Green ?'

'Etheric Fire'

'The Magic Square'

 'Path of Least Resistance'

'Gegenschein (Counterglow)'

'Chromatic Fields Around A Point'

'Particles of 2-Space'

'World of the Future'

 'Gaussian Mandy'

'The Seed and the Tree'

'Woven Lightstuff'

'Auric Mandy'

'From, and To the Light'



'Electric Sprout'


'Organic Essence'

'Into Singularity'

'The Green Man'

'Tachyon Rain'


'Entwined Periphery'


'Strandlight Structure'



'Harmonic Carchophony'

'The Hot Spot'

'Phased Waveforms'

'Above the Fog'

'Exaulted Mandy'

'Spectral Spiral'

'First Try'



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