home Serious Fun Studios fractal art images 'sharing serious fun...' ~ fractal art skateboards ~ The perfect competition shape and construction for all terrains. These boards got supreme pop! The best quality hard-rock maple decks and an unrivaled patent-pending printing process make this the best skateboard available in the world. Available as just the deck, or order a complete board - includes Independent Trucks, Ricta Naturals wheels, Bullet bearings, grip tape, and mounting hardware. Several styles and type decks are available; price and hardware available varies with type of deck. For more information for styles and pricing, click on deck image or title. Build your own totally unique and very cool board! The Serious Fun Studios skateboard shop @ zazzle is a secure purchase (SSL) site. Click on an image or name to view a page where you get more details about types of decks available, building complete board packages, and prices

'Happy' skateboard deck

'Light Flame Abstract 115' skateboard deck

'Sunny's Flame' skateboard deck

'Etheric Fire' skateboard deck

'Dream of the Pantechnicon' skateboard deck

'Paper Sun' skateboard deck

'Light Flame Abstract 134'

'Visitation' skateboard deck

'Ribbonspiral' skateboard deck

'Strand Fusion' skateboard deck

'Lightfeather' skateboard deck

'Convergence' skateboard deck

'Dreams of a Young Soul' skateboard deck

'Light Flame Abstract 109' skateboard deck

'Ripples of Love' skateboard deck

'Traversing i-Space' skateboard deck
all these decks are available in many different styles at the Serious Fun Studios skateboard shop @ zazzle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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