home Serious Fun Studios fractal art images 'sharing serious fun...' ~ fractal art mousepads, pg. 1 ~ These pads are the classic 3/6" thick cotton top with non-slip rubber back. The image is printed on the pad directly, yielding a high quality, durable surface with just right combination of smoothness and texture for any type mouse. These pads lay flat (no curling). The front surface fractal image (by SBricker) is high resolution with vibrant colors, with a water resistant surface. All pads are $13.95 each; good discounts on purchasing more than one... A unique and colorful gift idea; inexpensive and practical! To see my full line of mousepads, visit the Serious Fun Studios mousepad shop @ Zazzle. The Serious Fun Studios mousepad shop is a secure purchase (SSL) site.

'Connections' mousepad


'From Gold; to Golden...' mousepad

'From Gold; to Golden...'

'Beyond the Limit' mousepad

'Beyond the Limit'

'Glowing Strandspiral' mousepad

'Glowing Strandspiral'

'Inside the Singularity' mousepad

'Inside the Singularity'

'Ribbonspiral' mousepad


'Strand Fusion' mousepad

'Strand Fusion'

'Modulation' mousepad


'Kirlian Seed' mousepad

'Kirlian Seed'

'Galactic Flower' mousepad

'Galactic Flower'

'Wings of Involvement' mousepad

'Wings of Involvement'

'Lightstrand Communication' mousepad

'Lightstrand Communication'

'Into Singularity' mousepad

'Into Singularity'

'Schooling Flamefish' mousepad

'Schooling Flamefish'

'Emanations' mousepad mousepad


'Electric Sprout' mousepad

'Electric Sprout'

'Winged Helix' mousepad

'Winged Helix'  

'Sprout' mousepad


'Rosette' mousepad


'The Fleet' mousepad

'The Fleet'

'Hot Foliage' mousepad

'Hot Foliage'

'Golden Iris' mousepad

'Golden Iris'

'BlueWings' mousepad


'PosNeg' mousepad mousepad


'Fractals&Bubbles&Orbs...Oh My! mousepad mousepad'Fractals&Bubbles&Orbs...Oh My!

'Spore' mousepad


'Organic Essence' mousepad

'Organic Essence'

'Lightfeather' mousepad mousepad


'Woven Lightstuff' mousepad

'Woven Lightstuff'

'Travel by Hyperchromatic Spore' mousepad

'Travel by Hyperchromatic Spore'

'ArcAngel's Charge' mousepad

'ArcAngel's Charge'

'Internal Essence (white)' mousepad

'Internal Essence (white)'

'Aquariun' mousepad


'Metallic Weird Thing' mousepad

'Metallic Weird Thing'

'Infinite Replication' mousepad

'Infinite Replication'

'Phased Waveforms' mousepad

'Phased Waveforms'

'Offering' mousepad


'GoldWings' mousepad


'Weird Thing 004' mousepad

'Weird Thing 004'

'Thoughts of Being' mousepad

'Thoughts of Being'

'Heart's Desire' mousepad

'Heart's Desire'

'Ascension' mousepad


'That Spring Thing' mousepad

'That Spring Thing'

'KaliFract0016' mousepad


'Internal Essence' mousepad

'Internal Essence'

'Dimensional interface' mousepad

'Dimensional Interface'

'The Ring of Truth' mousepad mousepad

'The Ring of Truth'

'Triadic Unity' mousepad

'Triadic Unity'

'Chromatic Fields Around a Point' mousepad

'Chromatic Fields Around a Point'

'Illumina' mousepad


'From; and To the Light...' mousepad

'From; and To the Light...'

'New Input' mousepad mousepad

'New Input'

'WarmWings' mousepad


'Convergence' mousepad


'From the Source' mousepad

'From the Source'

'Unity of Purpose' mousepad

'Unity of Purpose'

'Weird Spiral Thing' mousepad

'Weird Spiral Thing'

'Simple Abstract' mousepad

'Simple Abstract'

'That Spring Thing' mousepad

'That Spring Thing'

'Golden Iris' mousepad

'Golden Iris'

'Folded Sunlight' mousepad mousepad

'Folded Sunlight'

'Lightflower Seed' mousepad mousepad

'Lightflower Seed'

'Happy' mousepad mousepad


'Spectral Progression' mousepad mousepad

'Spectral Progression'

'Plasma Cloud' mousepad mousepad

'Plasma Cloud'

'Dreams of a Young Soul' mousepad mousepad

'Dreams of a Young Soul'

'Locus of Liquid Light' mousepad mousepad

'Locus of Liquid Light'

'Rosetta' mousepad mousepad


'Spectral Arc' mousepad mousepad

'Spectral Arc'

'Ravenspiral' mousepad mousepad


'Charged Boundary' mousepad mousepad

'Charged Boundary'

'From Darkmatter Comes Light'-mousepad mousepad

'From Darkmatter Comes Light'

'Monet Meets Picasso in Dimension 2.7' mousepad

'Monet Meets Picasso in Dimension 2.7'

'Strandspace' mousepad


'Pastel FlameSprout' mousepad

'Pastel FlameSprout'
these and many more mousepads are available at : the Serious Fun Studios mousepad shop


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