home Serious Fun Studios fractal art images 'sharing serious fun...' fractal art,fractal images,mousepads,unique,cool,computer art,prints,posters,cards,gift,t-shirts,tefractal art,fractal images,mousepads,unique,cool,computer art,prints,posters,cards,gift,t-shirts,tee,colorful,mandala,kaleidoscope,design,images,art images,computers,gift,t-shirts,tee,colorful,mandala,kaleidoscope,design,images,art images,computere,colorful,mandala,kaleidoscope,design,images,art images,computers,gift,t-shirts,tee,colorful,mandala,kaleidoscope,design,images,art images,computer ~ fractal art ties ~ These ties are made of silky 100% polyester fabric, custom printed with a fractal art pattern by Scott Bricker. Each tie is 55" long, 4" wide (at widest point). From subtle to extreme, these ties are truly unique. All ties are $33.50 ea. A discount is given for 2 or more; of the same or different designs. Click on the design name to view a larger image of the design (then click on magnify button for a full page image of full tie) or to add to your secure shopping cart for purchase. All forms of payment are available, as is worldwide shipping. A unique and attractive gift! ~ designs currently available ~ more will be added ~

'Entwined Periphery'


'Center of Periphery'

'Heart's Desire'(black)

'Heart's Desire'



'Seed's Aura1'

'Hot Spiral'


'Popcorn Ice'

'Atomic Popocorn'

'Quantum Seed'


'Thought Plasma'


'Gift From the Avatar'

'Strand Fusion'


'Oasis Seed'

'Phased Waveforms'


'KaliTie 001'


'First Try'

'Internal Essence (white)'

from 'Neon Fountain'

'From Gold; to Golden'



'Still Hoping for Peace'


'...the Realm Beyond Confusion'


'Constructive Interference'





'Spectral Spiral'

'Inner Essence'



from 'Visitation'

'from 'Order in Chaos'


'Travel by Hyperchromatic Spore'

'Fractal Galaxies'

'from the Ring of Truth'






'Twist 016'


'Hot Foliage'


'Kalifract0114' (white)
'Central Presence'

'Glowing Strandspiral'

'Moonform, Humankind'

'Lifecircle Bloom'

'Entwined Perifery 2'

'Andrianna's Lace'

'Dimensional Interface'


'fractals&bubbles&orbs~Oh My!'


'Center of Quantum Seed'


'Popcorn Ice (white)'
Atomic Popcorn (white)'


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